How to be the Next Mark Zuckerberg

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Whether it’s going on an unstoppable YouTube “Recommended” marathon, or FB messaging your mates while bumping into people on the MTR, we arguably spend more time on the web nowadays than off it.


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(Yes. That’s actual Dave Franco in a stock photo…part of promo he and Vince Vaughn did for Unfinished Business)

But first, let’s take a step back. Where do the websites you so frequently browse come from? Millenials that weren’t around yet when THIS was the latest Apple Mac will say they had always existed from the beginning of time…



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And dubious parents of aforementioned millenials may claim that they are weapons created by the government to enslave the modern youth…

Well, the truth is, most, if not all websites on today’s web were created by people just like you and me! Using web development tools, also known as web-dev, developers can create extremely layered websites (such as Facebook), as well as stupidly simple ones (such as uhh… this one”, all on your laptop!

So, now that you realize the awesome power of web development, you must be wondering what unique skills or talent you may need to become a developer yourself. The list is pretty simple actually.

  • Time
  • Interest

That’s it. Really. THAT’S it.

But where do you begin? Well, fortunately for you, our friends at The Odin Project have developed a comprehensive and completely free web-dev course that will take you through the basics as well as advanced languages that can have you coding in no time! The best part? It’s COMPLETELY FREE!!!


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Even though the learning curve may be rather flat and you may end up feeling frustrated along the way, don’t give up! With time and perseverance, coding almost becomes habitual, like breathing or sleeping (well.. almost)!

SO what are you waiting for? Get coding at, and watch yourself grow as a web developer ;)

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