I Went To White Party 2015 Completely Sober and This Is What Happened

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I Went To White Party 2015 Completely Sober and This Is What Happened

For most people who want to experience raves and festivals to the fullest, they typically turn to substances (*alcohol…) to enhance their experience. As for myself, I try to enjoy the entire music experience (and also want to have normal looking pictures for my Instagram) so I decide to attend the city’s wildest summer kick-off party White Party, sober (Thank God).

I definitely feel like I’ve made the right choice, because I’m glad not to be suffering from any kind of hangover right now. I’m also glad that I can recall every single detail from the night.

So this is how it went down:

9:00pm: The party starts officially at 9pm but c’mon who actually goes to a party on time? I’m just gonna leave around 11pm..

11:30pm: Finally dragged myself out. So where exactly is Kai Tak? (Checked Facebook Event PageOh nice, there’s a shuttle service from Kowloon Bay Station near exit A.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.25.26 PM

11:56pm: (Looked out of the window on the shuttle) Hmm…what does Kai Tak look like..

12:02am: (Arrived to Kai Tak) HOLY MOLY…You gotta be kidding me. The line is SO LONG. I’m not about to wait hours for this..


12:22am: (On the line) It’s been 20mins and we probably moved like 10 meters…

12:25am: (Waiting very impatiently) I honestly don’t care! I’m just gonna quickly cut the line…


12:30am: (Sneaked in) AYYYYYY! We finally got in. Party starts R-I-G-H-T N-O-W! (Sincerely sorry to the thousands of  people who were standing behind us..)

12:34am: Hmm..should we take one shot?

12:35am: (Saw the huge line for drinks) Never mind….


12:41am: (Squeezed our way to the front row) Wow. Thomas Gold has really got some sick beats.


1:32am: (Felt exhilarated by the music but uncomfortable at times dancing) Why are there so many creepy guys…they should just learn how to dance instead of sneaking behind girls and grinding on them. OMG get away from me…


1:36am: WHAT AM I LOOKING AT? Why is there a middle-age looking guy (right) taking off his shirt and making out with a teenage girl. Get a room!! Eww..it’s time to leave…


1:45am: (Walked around and saw the Phocus station) Maybe I should just take some selfie photos at this Photo Booth. It’s free anyways!

11101929_10152834075102477_3174439239482904682_nPhocusHK Facebook

2:02am: Went back and joined the crowd to dance some more with DJ Omnia


2:46am: (Drenched in sweat) I am so tired..I can’t dance anymore. Time to go home.

3:05am: (Saw the huge taxi line) Are you serious?

Probably not the best party that I have been to mainly because of the long waiting lines (for almost everything). But judging from how it is the first few large-scale raves (4,200 people!!!) in Hong Kong, it wasn’t that bad at all. There is of course room for improvements but you know what, it’s fine.

I had an amazing time partying sober anyways.


Photo courtesy of Donna Chiu and Natalie Chao unless stated otherwise.

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