Wine and Dine on a Sunday Afternoon in Hong Kong

Sunday munchies? MadbuzzHK's got you covered, as usual.
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Waking up late on a Sunday and unsure whether to eat breakfast or lunch? Why not combine the two and splurge on a brunch. Some essentials: semi-formal dress, a large appetite along with a filled-to-the-brim wallet (or a generous boyfriend).

      1. Sabatini Ristorante Italiano, The Royal Garden Hong Kong


The Royal Gardan Hong Kong/

A snug little restaurant tucked away in a corner of the Royal Garden, the dimly lit atmosphere and live band is the perfect place to spend a romantic afternoon with loved ones. The food selection is quite extensive, in particular the seafood section.

Must try: breadsticks with their homemade pesto.

      1. Kitchen, W Hotel Hong Kong

W Hong Kong-Kitchen restaurant-Main dining

 Hungry Hong Kong/

Exquisitely designed, with a metal horse to greet you at the reception, Kitchen lives up to the modern décor of the W Hotel. The brunch buffet offers both Eastern and Western cuisine, with traditional Hong Kong style “siu mei” alongside cold cuts and smoked salmon. Pay close attention to the digitally animated Mona Lisa portrait- it’ll be sure to take you by surprise!

Must try: fresh oysters, dessert.

      1. Hugo’s, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong


Hungry Hong Kong/

A restaurant with history, and antiques to prove it. With its luscious oak paneling, painstakingly shined silverware and impeccably starched table linens, one must dress for the occasion. Compared to the restaurants mentioned above, the food selection at Hugo’s may have less variety; but what it lacks, it makes up for in quality. For those with an eye for finery and detail, this is the place for you.

Must try: roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, duck liver pâté, beef tartar.

      1. Tiffin, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong



Surrounded by looming ceilings and the soft sound of live music playing in the background, Tiffin provides a truly relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a meal with friends and family. Although known for its desserts, the quality of meats and surprisingly, Indian cuisine, does the restaurant true justice. The floor to ceiling windows also lend a natural glow about the place, as well as a lovely view of Wan Chai.

Must try: roast beef, cheese-baked lobster (yum!)

      1. The Verandah, The Repulse Bay Hong Kong


Good Eating/

 Former site of the renowned Repulse Bay Hotel, The Verandah is honestly a restaurant beyond compare. The exterior and interior is carefully preserved to retain its antique charm, and the age of the building is reflected in the service and presentation of the restaurant itself. With a balance of both European and Western cuisine, the restaurant will appeal to anyone and everyone. Only fault? Make sure to book months ahead, as the venue is often used for weddings and parties.

Must try: walking around and taking in the sights and smells.

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