You Won’t Believe What Happens When This Cake Takes A Beating In This Video

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You Won’t Believe What Happens When This Cake Takes A Beating In This Video

Don’t be fooled by this petite beauty.

This cake has had a million views within 24 hours. It’s been circling around the inter webs like there’s no tomorrow, through Chef Kelvin, a New York based pastry chef’s Instagram. The video now being shared through Food Beast.

This just comes to show how powerful food and the sensation it can give you can dominate the Internet, in such a short span of time.



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This “Hit Me chocolate cake” was created by the masterful New York-based executive pastry chef Thiago Silva of CATCH restaurant, in Fairmont Dubai and he sure has a mind of a genius.

Just imagine that rich liquified warm milk chocolate being poured over that block of cake, which then slightly melts the chocolate coating enrobed around a block of vanilla bean ice-cream stacked on top of a 3 layered cake. As you hit that top block, all that liquified ice-cream and chocolate fuses together like a happy couple.


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All that molten beauty gets absorbed into a sponge chocolate cake layer that enrobes itself over the layers of the cake. Together, with all it’s components, every bite is likely to give a different type of excitement and sensation.

If you’re around Dubai and have the opportunity to meet this infamous pastry, do not hesitate to offer to make me an express delivery.

Message me, my address is all yours.

I will never see chocolate cakes the same way ever again. I will forever be longing for the moment I’ll have to opportunity meet the king of all chocolate cakes.

If I ever have the honour to meet you, I sure will hit you, chocolate cake.


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