You can now get Clockenflap tickets… with your OCTOPUS

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You can now get Clockenflap tickets… with your OCTOPUS

Whether it’s for your daily commute, McDs or grocery shopping at Park ‘n Shop, the Octopus has always had your back. Invincible and indestructible, owning one inaugurates you as a Hong Kong-er. Having just teamed up with Ticketflap, Octopus has (once again), stepped up their game, this time by venturing into the world of online event ticketing.

This is how it works. With the handy Octopus App downloaded on your near-field communication (NFC) enabled mobile device, all you’ve got to do is to select the Octopus Online Payment option when purchasing tickets via Ticketflap, tap your registered Octopus card on the back of your phone, and bam, you’ve got your tickets. Launched in 2012, Ticketflap has issued tickets for Hong Kong’s biggest music festival Clockenflap, the AIA Great European Carnival, as well as countless great gigs hosted by Your Mum, who brought the likes of Ellie Goulding, Bastille, and the 1975 to town. To celebrate the new Octopus x Ticketflap alliance, customers that use the Octopus Online Payment option throughout June and July will enter a prize draw for a pair of tickets to a Ticketflap event in August.

Chief executive officer of Ticketflap spoke to MadbuzzHK about the company’s exciting new initiative.

Ticketflap is a thought leader in helping our promoters sell and our event goers buy e-tickets. Millions of people have an Octopus card in Hong Kong and many don’t have access to a credit card. I think this is going to be a game changer for Ticketflap and ticket buying in Hong Kong in general. It will make the purchasing of e-tickets a lot more democratic.

While the team here at MadbuzzHK is super stoked about this all, there are several things we thought we should mention:

1. The Octopus app requires the near-field communication (NFC) function in order to work, which means your snazzy new iPhone 6 may not be up to the task. Android 1 – Apple 0.

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2. The Octopus has a top up cap of $1000 HKD, for security reasons, we assume. While you could technically still get Clockenflap day tickets with your Octopus, the $1000+ weekend passes are out of the question.

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3. Most importantly, we’re not quite sure how we feel about making Octopus transactions without the all too familiar “DOO” or “DOO-LOO-DOO”. It just won’t be the same.

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For more information regarding the Octopus Online Payment Service, click here!

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