The 8 People You Meet At Indian Weddings

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1. The over-enthusiastic (slightly embarrassing) relatives 

Let’s all just come out and admit it, we all have them. These are the relatives that dance when there’s no one else on the dance floor and try to pull every one on. I was once at a wedding where a relative took the microphone to give a speech as though he were an in-ring commentator for a wrestling match…simply could not be taken seriously.

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2. The bride/groom

Given how sudden some Indian weddings can be, it’s not uncommon that, as a relative, you might be meeting the bride or the groom for the first time only. You’re then faced with a tough decision, do you go for a hug or a handshake?


3. The “I saw you when you were only a baby, do you remember me?” person

Yes yes, I do remember you and I also remember what it was like in my mom’s. You saw me in there too didn’t you?



4. The random work friend

This person can range from the bride or groom’s banker ,to their right-hand man in the office. Only thing is, they know about 5/100 people at this wedding. If attended by themselves, they usually leech onto the bride/grooms friends, considering it’s the closest category to them.


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5. The cousin you never knew existed

It’s an awkward moment when your parents tell you he’s your second cousin and you don’t even know his name. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly become his best friend over the course of the wedding though, it’s just usually how these things go. You won’t hear from him till the next one, I assure you that.



6. Your parents’ aunts/uncles you have never heard of

Their opening line is always something like “your parents must have told you about me?”, it’s always a tough one to get around, because either you didn’t listen or your parents actually haven’t ever mentioned them. Below is what our typical family tree looks like…


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7. The party animal(s) 

They’re nowhere to be seen during actual wedding functions, but the most noticeable at all the parties. In fact, they often tend to be the life of the party. They’ll almost always have a drink in their hand and are the last ones to call it a night.


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8. The gambler

This person brings the poker chips, fancy deck of cards and ends up teaching you a new game that you can’t stop playing  throughout the wedding. They’ve got a game for people of all ages.


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